The project was carried out with the collaboration of the Brazil Canada Chamber of Commerce on September, 28th, 2017, in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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The 2017’edition of Wiki Meeting, celebrated 10 years of the project, with the presence of R & D professionals from the national pharmaceutical industries, Brazilian regulatory agencies such as ANVISA, CONEP, Information Technology Companies and important speakers from Brazil and Canada.
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Facilitate and foster dialogue with regulatory agencies, strengthen relationships between Pharmaceutical Industries, Information Technology Companies and hospitals, address issues of health innovation, patient safety and adherence, development of new medicines and transfer knowledge and technology between Brazil and Canada.
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Target Audience:
Hospitals, Universities, Pharmaceutical Industries, Health Management Companies, Equipment Manufacturers and Health Technologies – MedTech.

Suggested Topics * and the Panorama on Harmonization of Conduct and Procedures between CEPs and CONEP. Dr João Fernando Ferreira – CONEP.* how to improve communication also for centers, the way it is done for ZIP codes, with temporal updating of circulars and other documents on the CONEP website; discuss the understanding of the System in a harmonized way in relation to what is considered amendment and notification, in accordance with the current Operational Standards; comment and update the status of implementation of Res. CNS 506/16 that creates accredited CEPs.
The Role of Technology Transfer in Innovation and the Challenges in International Contracts –
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How Digital Information and Communication Technologies contribute to the implementation of Patient Safety projects and the Pharmaceutical Industries Challenge to Health Professionals, Managers and Hospitals in the scenario of Dehospitalization, Chronic Diseases and Patient Activation. Prof. Mara Machado – IQG Chief Technical Officer. 

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Evaluation of the impact of the implementation of DRC 09/2015 after two years of its validity GGMED – ANVISA – Ms. Adriane Alves de Oliveira.


How the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Center’s project could contribute to the creation of a new model for the treatment of Cancer – Dr. Dugald Seely – Founder & Executive Director; Ottawa Integrative Cancer Center.


The current scenario of Cancer Drug Research in Canada and what is the impact of Drug Discovery Platform in the processes of research and innovation (CIM) – Dr. Bertrand J. Jean-Claude, Director at the Research Institute of the MUHC.